We’re writers, designers, coders, and data experts.

We are committed to building a diverse and passionate team united by our shared values.

  • Xochilt Martinez Product | Senior Managing Designer
  • Liz Bennett
    Liz Bennett Ads | Partner
  • Joe Pahl Product | Senior Developer
  • Tarin Kennedy Operations | Operations Manager
  • Kenneth Pennington Partner
  • Hector Sigala Partner
  • Crystal Stanford
    Crystal Stanford Ads | Principal
  • Ryan Ertel
    Ryan Ertel Operations | Controller
  • Ryan Mioduski
    Ryan Mioduski Ads | Senior Digital Advertising Strategist
  • Jasmín Quiñones Product | Branding Designer
  • Juliana Pajdo
    Juliana Pajdo Ads | Principal
  • Deb Mayo
    Deb Mayo Ads | Managing Advertising Strategist
  • Greta Adjei Silas
    Greta Adjei Silas Operations | People & Culture Director